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Nurturing the Newborn
Copyright, All Rights Reserved,
Barry W. Hollritt, 2000

"Nurturing the Newborn" is a companion piece to "Approaching Evening". The photograph was taken on the same late evening when the light was rapidly fading. I had been in my canoe, anticipating that the fading light would no longer support my photographic endeavors. As I drifted quietly along the lake shore, I came upon the young family of swans. The young birds, or cygnets, were less than two weeks old and the parents were in a shallow, secluded spot on the lake where they were at peace and hidden from intruders. The female, or Pen, is in the foreground of the photograph, methodically pulling up the aquatic life at the bottom of the lake and bringing it to the surface so that the young birds could easily be nurtured. The photograph has a feeling of peace to me. There is a tranquility and unison between the young birds and the parent that equates to serenity in nature. Hopefully the viewer perceives this unity and appreciates the molding of the two older birds' bodies into one single form. The scene was a special day on the lake.