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Barry W. Hollritt, 1980, 2002

It took four hours for me to stalk this peacock to the point where I captured the reflection of the sun in it's eye. I was on the island of Oahu, in a state forest preserve, when I heard the peacock's loud squawk. If you have never experienced the sound in person, it is quite unique. Many peacocks will stay in a tree like many other birds, but this particular creature was strolling quite uninhibited through the park and seemed quite upset that I would pay him such attention for more than just a few minutes. I was about 15 feet away from the bird when the sun burst through some clouds and almost at the same moment he uncorked his plumage in all it's color. I had been waiting for the perfect light and the ultimate moment, and this photograph has the benefit of catching the two conditions precisely at the same instant. I took about four shots during the entire afternoon that I followed this majestic bird, and this exposure is the only one I consider perfect. This photograph, like many of my photographs, is from an original 35mm slide, and has not been retouched. What you see is exactly what I composed in the viewfinder. This photograph of a peacock is probably the one of the last I'll ever attempt on this kind of bird. Unlike every other photograph I have, I don't feel I can ever top this shot. Some photographers clamor to continue to find the perfect shot. I am satisfied, at least for this subject, that I have captured the peacock as best as could hope in a photograph. Then again, Iím going to Hawaii again...


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