Swans at Wroxton

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The Swans at Wroxton
Copyright, All Rights Reserved,
Barry W. Hollritt, 1978, 2002

I welcomed in 1978 while riding an UP elevator at Boston's Logan Airport. It was the stroke of midnight and I was in a very deserted, overseas terminal as the champagne corks were being popped in the sleazy airport bars on the second floor. An overseas terminal on New Year's Eve is a very lonely place to be without any loved ones around, and whatever human warmth there is seems to draw itself into any available bar as the hour closes in on midnight. The sense of brotherhood peaked at midnight and by the time my flight boarded for London, that feeling was already beginning to dissipate.

I arrived in London on New Year's Day and traveled out to the countryside to have a nice pub dinner for the holiday at the North Arms Pub in Wroxton. The pub borders on the grounds of Wroxton Abbey, a Jacobean mansion that serves as the overseas campus of Fairleigh Dickinson University and a school that I attended. There has been a building on the site of the abbey since Medieval times and it was the home of the Prime Minister of Great Britain during the American Colonial uprising! Who would think that 200 years after gaining independence from England that American students would be playing baseball on such hallowed grounds of Britain! In the back of the abbey, nestled in a small hollow, is a stream fed pond that harbors a fleet of mute swans. I photographed the pair as they passed one another in the fading English light. After taking the shot, I triumphantly made my way to the pub for a final pint of ale!


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