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Thoughts and Reflections

© Copyright, All Rights Reserved, Barry W. Hollritt, 1998

Waterfowl painters know that there is a special challenge in painting swans against the light. Some of it shines through the plumage, some is reflected from the water. In the case of photographing swans, the challenge of light is still the same. With “Thoughts and Reflections”, I found that same challenge occur on a bright July afternoon as I was floating in the middle of the lake in my canoe. I had been observing a single swan drifting quite confidently nearby. The whiteness of the subject is staggering. As the bird moved through the water I kept my eye trained on the feathers and the sun. It seemed I would only have a few moments to compensate for the brightness of the day as the bird approached me. The reflection on the water gives the photograph a feeling of thought shimmering, and as the bird passed by, it slowed momentarily as if to allow my own composition to evolve. It was a divine type of afternoon. Hopefully you feel the warmth.


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