Barry Hollritt is an award winning photographer and constant wanderer from New Jersey.

Wishing all my old and new patrons a great new year.  I’ve been home in NJ working on new photos and and some older photos as well in preparation for the new year.  I have a new web developer who is working with me on updating this site, so enjoy.  I do all the updates though so from my finger tips to you come my words and thoughts.

My schedule has been changed so take note of show changes.  I am also bringing a few new images from Britain to the spring shows in NJ, and Maryland


 My next show is:

Sugarloaf Crafts Festival, Edison, NJ  March 2, ,3, 4

Enjoy the images I’ve observed and preserved and now share with you.  Contact me at photosbybarry@yahoo.com for more information about my work and acquiring them for your home or office.

Cheers, Barry

Umbrella Project


A Venice Rain

Anna Maria Dusk
Anna Maria Morning


Anglers in the MIst

Cats Entwined
The Colors of Love Found
Golden Doorway
Swans at Wroxton
Haflinger Afternoon
Misty White Companions
Cape May Dusk
Cape May Dusk
Feline Love
Golden Retriever NYC
Fearless Girl at Night
My Work is Done

Un Burano Pomeriggo, #2  (A Burano Afternoon)