I photograph equine, canine, feline, waterfowl and  wildlife, and coastal images with some surprising things as simple as musical instruments and jazz concerts!  I am an award winning photographer who uses film and digital cameras to create natural images that should sooth the soul.  You may find me in North America, Europe, Britain, Asia… or maybe right outside your farm or home finding the common cat, dog or horse in it’s natural habitat. 

I do travel to art shows throughout the east coast by car… so back roads are my habitat.  Thanks for stopping by.

It is with quite overwhelming sadness that my beautiful and inspirational feline Meesha has passed away after close to 14 years.  Many patrons and friends loved the images I had of her and the inspiration she gave me to photograph cats all over the world as I traveled.  She lives on here and in many hearts.  I’m carrying a bit of cat food as I wander and when I find that lonesome stray along the way… I’ll be sharing the remaining food I had for Meesha with them.

I also have collected some vintage cameras from the past, such as the Hassleblad Gold  500CM you see above, as well as some great Topcon cameras from my past wanderings.  Today I use Nikon equipment to complete the task started back in the 70’s!
I photograph wildlife like these pelicans
“Pelican Waltz” Lido Key, FL

 and cats… with Meesha pushing me on…

“Entwined Cats, #2”

and of course dogs… (canines)