About Barry

If you have gotten to this point in enjoying my original photography you will find yourself immersed in the feelings I offer you.  My images are created in a world of wandering and looking… a world where at times I never know how the images are discovered.  Most of the time my eye finds an image without any notion or planning what I see… the images are many times just gifted to me by a subtle yet strong feeling of connection to the subject, drawn to them by a force that is always working.  Getting to my subjects is what I allude to as the “serendipitous journey” I undertake each day I walk out the door.  And yes, as a past weekend publisher reminded me…. there is synchronicity in my world.  Hmmmmm.

My business and my art is called Photographs and Serendipity by Barry Hollritt.  I’ve been doing it for years and years and I started the full time wandering over 14 years ago, though I picked up my first camera decades ago.

Whether it be a beach in Hawaii or under a tree in rural America… or even just a farm road or an interstate stop along the way, all my images are found through the art of wandering.

Accompanying many of my images are inspirational verses that began to appear close to seven years ago.  Accompanying many images I also include written prose about my work that I share with you for the benefit of describing my elation and preserving the moments that contributed to the image.

Enjoy these photographs. I print every image you see and prepare them for a life to share with you, the patron, that has found them.

I have signed each piece of artwork and the handwritten words surrounding my original photographs hopefully will be yours to enjoy in the years ahead.