One of my most pleasing and fulfilling experiences with the camera is my connection with the horse!

As I wander along rural and not so rural roads, both here in the U.S.A. and abroad, I get stopped along the way by an appealing image of a horse.

I do equine photography on consignment, but most images occur during the serendipity of my encounters on the roads that I wander.

“An Austrian Encounter” – Austria
“Sarasota Pair”
“Lexington Kentucky One”
“Lexington Kentucky Two”
“Lexington White Pair”
“Morning Light”
“Austrian Pair”
“A Haflinger Afternoon”
“An Ohio Interstate Encounter”
“An Appaloosa Moment”
“A Pacific Morning”
“Clydesdale and Roses”
“A Touch of Light”
“Dedication to Khaki”
“Well Rotted Manure”