Cats are part of my work as I have traveled throughout the years, as well as the fact that I have lived and still live with them!  I have just lost my beautiful  Black and White cat, Meesha who is part of my work.  As I mention with my dog images… I have many, many feline images.  Write me to see what I may have you like.  For now, with Meesha gone, I won’t be leading on to another cat at the moment.

Meesha with her paws crossed

Below is Meesha again.  Who among other things she enjoyed sitting at my breakfast table while I have would sip some English Tea in my Spode china cup each morning when I was home.  Yes, she had her own spode plate and cup…. why not!!!

“Tea and Cats… Life is Good”

Meesha and my Spode china”  Notice her heart and mustache!
“Un Burano Pomeriggo #1” (A Burano Afternoon #1) Burano, Italy
“Un Burano Pomeriggo, #2”                                 (A Burano Afternoon, #2)        As I got closer to her after I photographed #1, she lied down!
Burano Bridge Cat”  Burano, Italy   As one might notice, I loved Burano!
“NYC Black and Green”
The Wine, The Book and Buddy
Entwined Cats, #1”  Ohio
“Entwined Cats, #2” Ohio
The Mendocino Gray Cat”
“Siamese Stare”, West Virginia
“Steve in the Window”
“Thatch Cat, Titschmarsh, U.K.
Dedicated to the RAF and Army Airforce Veterans of WWII
“Vaudois” Geneva, Switzerland
“Steve Dreaming”
“Steve on the Stairs”
Steve was an amazing kitten for me to capture in images. He was a classic and grew into a wacky but unique feline.
“The Green Cats, (Cat Love #2)
“Rose” A Boutique Shop Cat

I visit the Hemingway house in Key West as much as possible.  Below are two of the over 45 cats that live there.  All supposedly descendants  of one original white cat with 6 toes given to Ernest while living in Key West.

“Hemingway white feline”
“Hemingway Cat with Toes open and Eyes closed!”
Meesha matches Hemingways “A Movable Feast”
Being a reader of Hemingway I had “A Movable Feast” on my bed.  Meesha was lying on the bed and the black and white thingy was perfect!  My normal serendipity.  I use the quote “Books… Cats… LIfe is Good” when she is offered for sale in my booth.  Perfect.
“Bill and Linda’s Cat” Piper.  You are looking at him through a basement, screened window.
“A Himalayan Stare”