The U.K. is a special place for me.  Both recent visits and past visits have created a seperate piece of work that I cherish.

“Where Time is Forgotten”
“A Bybrook Morning”
“Campden Cottage”
“Westminster Abbey”
“Well Rotted Manure”
“Springtime Warms the Stone”
“Anne Hathaway’s Cottage”

“Arlington Row” … amazing!

And of course a swan (which always find me and what the special village of Bibury as well as myself are both noted for) drifted by!  Thus… a new image that is SO England.

“The Swan at Arlington Row”

And in the village of Lacock (Harry Potter filming sites) and also the home of the famous 19th century trailblazing photographer William Henry Fox Talbot)…

a cat popped up right at the end of the day, sitting next to my vehicle… posing as if to say… “I’ve been waiting for you”.   The steps must be at least a hundred years old!

I was at Highclere Castle (Downton Abbey) within an hour of leaving the airport!

I spend a lot of the time in the English countryside finding appealing scenes.