I have been studying and photographing swans in both literature and photos since 1998, though my first special photograph, “The Swans at Wroxton”, was photographed in Britain in 1978.

The light you find in all of these images is natural… no artificial lighting, no Photoshop intervention.  Just me and my camera…. some with film, some digital.  I am a lifetime member of the Trumpeter Swan Society.  Yup, I seem to be drawn to the buggers and actively promote waterfowl preservation in all locales.

If you think they have been photographed at night you unfortunately aren’t right… they are all illuminated by the sun’s light… and that’s the visual poetry of it all!

The “Swans at Wroxton” was photographed at dusk in a special pond on the grounds of Wroxton Abbey, in Oxfordshire, UK.  It began a special journey.


Nurturing the Newborn
Approaching Evening
Cygnet Ride” For Al
The Whisper
Thoughts and Reflections
Two Swans in Fall

“The Look”
The Frolic
Passive all accept for one frolicking cygnet.
Standing in the Darkness
Photographed from my canoe about 4 in the afternoon.