WELCOME!  It’s a great place to stop.
I’ve kicked off the year with threee new events and am heading back to Gaithersburg, Maryland for the next Sugarloaf event in April as well.
I want to thank the great customers at all the events, and a great thank you to a great Pelican lover in Chantilly who purchased both the Pelican Waltz, and two other of these great bird images.  Check out all of the pelicans on this site under… you got it… Pelicans!
I’m making some final plans for my next U.K. and Ireland trip in July and will post that update shortly.  I am currently updating my Angel images as well as a few new beach/nautical images that will pop up in the next show.
Barry Hollritt is an award winning photographer and constant wanderer who carries his camera with him on his journey to view our world each and every day.
All images on this site are ©Barry Hollritt and may not be used without written permission.
    • “Entwined Cats, #2”
    • And here is the “Pelican Waltz”.

      “Pelican Waltz” Lido Key, FL
    •  Possibilities” Paris
    • Crossing in the Stream, Autumn” near Lititz, PA
      I also have the same scene in Winter and Summer, it’s a favorite!  Scroll all the way down for them.  I tried the spring, but, well, it didn’t look much different than the summer lol.
    • “Twins among the colors near Manchester, Vermont.  Rainy, misty, cold, it’s Fall in the mountains and it’s perfect.
  • Two Swans in the Fall, check out my other swans in the Swan Studies on this sight.
This new image occurred as I was wandering the lavender fields. I thought as I was cruising over the Atlantic the night of my departure to the UK that it really would be cool to have a black lab show up in the field when I finally got there.   Well, 30 mins. after I did arrive… a young girl had her black dog with her…. and wahla!!!!   We bonded!

The Quiescent Slumber” – U.K.

Lavender Love” – U.K.

The Sensual Scents of Lavender” – U. K.

As usual you may write me at  photosbybarry@yahoo.com

 Enjoy all the images I’ve observed, preserved and now share with you.  I love to share my thoughts and inspirations that come from my eye and heart to you.

Cheers for now, Barry

    • “An East River Crossing”
      Dedicated to Bernice Abbott
    • “Captiva Vertical”
    • “Umbrella Project”
    • A Venice Rain
    • Anna Maria Dusk
    • Anna Maria Morning
    • Anglers in the Mist, Oregon
    • Cats Entwined #1   Yes, there is a number two.
    • Junior, Dedicated to Khaki
    • The Colors of Love Found
    • Golden Doorway
    • Swans at Wroxton, U.K.
    • Haflinger Afternoon, Austria
    • Misty White Companions
    • Cape May Dusk
      Cape May Moonrise
    • Feline Love
    • Golden Retriever, NYC
    • Fearless Girl at Night, NYC
    • My Work is Done
    • Un Burano Pomeriggo, #2  (A Burano Afternoon)
    • Crossing in the Stream, Summer” near Ephrata, PA
      This was the first of three images of the “Crossing” and all three are very special.
  • “Crossing in the Stream, Winter”, near Ephrata, PA

Yup, I photographed it in different seasons from the same spot.